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mobile showroom for floor planks

Choosing the right new floor for your home can be hard, especially when every floor has so many benefits. Not only are there practical benefits to consider but also visual ones as well. Origin Wide Plank’s mobile showroom can help with the visual factor, by bringing full-sized samples to your home. We bring our hottest-selling engineered wood and new ultra-durable SPC planks right to your door for viewing in your home. This way you can see more than just small pieces, but full planks with your walls, furniture, and cabinets. Once you know your preferred style, all that’s left is picking the right flooring for your home and lifestyle.

Origin Wide Plank, based in Langley can measure your space and provide a quote, then guide you through the process right to the delivery of the flooring and completion of installation. Now let’s learn about the benefits of engineered hardwood, LVP, and laminate floors, and how to choose one for your home.

Engineered hardwood

What makes engineered hardwood so popular, is that it still has a real wood surface, but with a multilayered compressed wood in various configurations. Most wood flooring now is pre-finished. The large majority of that is engineered as solid hardwood has become very rare. Part of the reason for this is that engineered flooring is far more stable. Your floor will experience less expansion and contraction and the milling is usually perfect, with no warping or uneven boards. An additional benefit is that far less of the tree is used to create the top visible layer than a solid piece of hardwood. For these reasons, we have decided to supply only engineered wood flooring.

engineered hardwood stairs
premium engineered hardwood flooring

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP)

Two of the biggest benefits of LVP flooring are its low installation cost and the ability to mimic any floor type. From hardwood, tile and even stone flooring, LVP can imitate each look. It is also extremely resilient to damage & moisture and is easy to clean. So, pets, kids, spills or dropped objects won’t cause any damage to an LVP floor. It’s a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, LVP has a small amount of padding, lending a softness for your feet to walk on.

lvp flooring with smooth finish

The latest evolution of vinyl plank has an SPC core that is extremely dense and stable. It’s also 100% waterproof which means no expansion and contraction issues over a large area with no breaks in doorways. The planks are thin, so they can be installed over other flooring. That also makes it more flexible and allows it to mould to the contours of an imperfect subfloor more easily.

Treadwell Stair System

Both vinyl plank and engineered hardwood are a fantastic option for a stairway renovation. If you’re doing your floors, ask Origin Wide Plank about options for your stairwell.

Treadwell is our custom stair system. These stairs create the illusion of a solid tread with a white riser. It can be done a few ways and uses the same wood or vinyl plank to match the main floor. To create the solid tread illusion we use a flush nose that creates a seamless look with the plank it joins up to in either a square or round profile. If it is made from the flooring itself it will be a square nose profile. If you desire a round nose, this is achieved with either a supplied factory nose or a custom-made wood nose, stained and finished to match the floor.

treadwell stair system
luxurious treadwell stairs

Origin’s Attention to Detail 

One of our greatest strengths is how we serve our customers with great attention to detail. We have been installing flooring for about 15 years and using our knowledge and experience to select the best flooring for you. This experience ensures that we’ll find the best way to complete each aspect of the installation. Our goal is to make sure you end up with the best floor to suit your needs, a quality install and an overall experience that leaves you feeling well cared for. Even if all you’re looking for is some helpful advice, don’t hesitate to connect with us and we’ll try and steer you in the right direction.

Don’t hesitate to call us now for more information.