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Engineered Hardwood
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Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a type of flooring made up of multiple layers of wood veneer that are glued together in a cross-grain configuration. The top layer, also known as the wear layer, is made of real hardwood that is available in a variety of species and finishes, while the underlying layers are typically made of high-density fibre-board or plywood. This construction provides superior stability and resistance to moisture, making it a great option for high-traffic areas, as well as areas prone to humidity fluctuations, such as basements or bathrooms. Additionally, engineered hardwood can be sanded and refinished multiple times, just like solid hardwood, providing a long-lasting and durable flooring option for your home or office.

What makes engineered hardwood so popular, is that it still has a real wood surface, but with a multilayered compressed wood in various configurations. Most wood flooring now is pre-finished. The large majority of that is engineered as solid hardwood has become very rare. Part of the reason for this is that engineered flooring is far more stable. Your floor will experience less expansion and contraction and the milling is usually perfect, with no warping or uneven boards. An additional benefit is that far less of the tree is used to create the top visible layer than a solid piece of hardwood. For these reasons, we have decided to supply only engineered wood flooring.


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